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We have the list of movies screening in competition at the 2016 Voices of Local Film at the Palm Beach International Film Festival, plus screening information:

DocuFlorida: Warhammer Miniature Painter, Director: Josh Brady

Ex Marks The PlanUptown Trash, Director: Matt Florio

Galoshes, Director: Catherine Windecker

Goonies Sweded, Dir.: Jason Galotti

Mask of the underachieving Serial Killer, Director: Juan Diaz

Musical Heartache, Director: Michael Eldon Lobsinger

The Send-Off, Directors: Patrick Bresnan & Ivete Lucas

Congratulations to the filmmakers!

The Voices of Local Film 2016 will be held on Wednesday April 13 at 7:15 pm at G-Star School of the Arts (2030 South Congress Avenue, Palm Springs, Florida 33406). Tickets for the Voices of Local Film and Student Showcase of Films (April 13, 5:30 pm at G-Star) are sold separately, and can be purchased here.


The 2016 Voices of Local Film at the Palm Beach International Film Festival is now accepting short films, documentaries, or music videos! Early deadline is January 10, 2016, and the final (late) deadline is January 31, 2016! We are looking for South Florida and Treasure Coast filmmakers and their works!

Submissions are now closed. Click here to see the movies selected to screen.

Updated: Submissions have closed the 2015 Voices of Local Film at the Palm Beach International Film Festival! Films will be announced soon!

Early deadline is January 10, 2015, and final (late) deadline is January 31, 2015! We’re looking for local, South Florida, and Treasure Coast filmmakers and their short films, documentaries, and music videos!

It’s the 20th annual PBIFF!

Click here to download the 2015 submission form!

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Update! Our poster, by Jossette Simo, is now available for purchase at the Palm Beach Film Society store!

The 2014 Voices of Local Film line-up has been released, and we have a terrific mix of drama, comedy, documentary and a film from a young filmmaker. Also, check below for the time, date, location!

In alphabetical order:

  1. Butter & Cheese; director: Tashi Dhondup; 12:22. A short documentary film about a nomadic family who live in the highlands of Sikkim, India, against the backdrop of the majestic Himalayan mountains. It follows the unique lifestyle of the yak herders the process of making yak dairy products such as butter and cheese.
  2. Destroy All Spiders; director: Juan Diaz; starring: Jamie Normand, Martin Hovsepian; 19:05; comedy. A send-up of classic b-movies, as a hitman teams up with a scream queen to battle alien spiders.
  3. Goodfellas, Sweded; director: Wally Lurz; starring: Cheese & Crackers Improv Group; 3:22. A Swede from Cheese & Crackers that lampoons the classic “How Am I Funny” scene from Goodfellas.
  4. The Happy Hooligan; director: Bruce Feigenbaum; starring: Douglas Rill, David Ausem, Christi Berlane, James Hook and Ian Cooper. An adaption of a short story by Kurt Vonnegut, in the year 2116, Americans live in a Utopian society. There’s only one catch.
  5. Spread My Wings; director: Nicole Rankin; starring: Nicole Rankin; 3:16; drama. A sensitive look at the effects of bullying on a teenager named Faith.
  6. They Live, Sweded; director: Jason Galotti; starring: Doug Hansen, Jason Galotti; 14:20; comedy. A spoof on the classic 80s film about alien invasion and wrestling star Roddy Piper.

Cobb Theatre, Downtown at the Gardens
Sunday April 6, 2014
7 pm

This year, we are teaming up with the Student Showcase of Films, presented by the Palm Beach Film and Television Commission, and there will be great films from local filmmakers, and up-and-coming directors.

Please spread the word! Tickets can be bought here. And we encourage you to go to other Palm Beach International Film Festival events and films.

It was a great night at the 2013 Voices of Local Film, celebrating 10 years of this annual event at the Palm Beach International Film Festival! We also announced two winners during the closing night of PBIFF. They are:

Best Film: Ares 11, from director Robert Goodrich

Best Director: V. Alex Marquez for his film Kundalini

Thank you everyone for coming out and showing your support for locally-produced movies in South Florida and the Treasure Coast. We’ll see you soon for our next big event! Check out some photos below.