We have the list of movies screening in competition at the 2016 Voices of Local Film at the Palm Beach International Film Festival, plus screening information:

DocuFlorida: Warhammer Miniature Painter, Director: Josh Brady

Ex Marks The PlanUptown Trash, Director: Matt Florio

Galoshes, Director: Catherine Windecker

Goonies Sweded, Dir.: Jason Galotti

Mask of the underachieving Serial Killer, Director: Juan Diaz

Musical Heartache, Director: Michael Eldon Lobsinger

The Send-Off, Directors: Patrick Bresnan & Ivete Lucas

Congratulations to the filmmakers!

The Voices of Local Film 2016 will be held on Wednesday April 13 at 7:15 pm at G-Star School of the Arts (2030 South Congress Avenue, Palm Springs, Florida 33406). Tickets for the Voices of Local Film and Student Showcase of Films (April 13, 5:30 pm at G-Star) are sold separately, and can be purchased here.