The 2013 Voices of Local Film at the Palm Beach International Film Festival marks our 10th year, since our humble start in 2003. We have selected six films — four shorts and one feature, plus a special short film to debut outside of competition — to screen on Saturday evening April 6, 2013 at 7 PM, at the Cobb Theatres at Downtown Gardens, in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Ticket information coming soon. Thank you to all who submitted!

1. Kundalini, directed by V. Alex Marquez (07:49): Strange things happen when friends meditate too hard.

2. Billy Has a Dark Side, directed by Christopher Fernandez (03:15): A practicing psychotic with his favorite carving knife.
3. Death and Life, directed by Michael Chasin (28:18): Just as he is about to be exucted, a killer learns he’s the only bone marrow match for a young girl dying of leukemia. He’ll donate to save her life, IF the governor commutes his death sentence.
4. Ares 11, directed by Robert Goodrich (feature, 1 hr. 27 mins.): Four crew members of the Ares 11, a military surveillance spacecraft, are faced with an unimaginable dilemma when their ship is attacked, leaving only enough air for two of them to return to base alive.
5. Sixty-Nine Shades of Almost Funny, directed by Jared Kaufmann and Aaron Wells (short, 5 mins.): A man gets a surprise gift from his girlfriend on his birthday: ‘Fantasy #8’. Will it be all that he’s dreamed of?
6. Caught in the Middle, directed by Talina Adamo (17:24): Screening outside of competition, this film was written by two young Palm Beach County filmmakers and students. A brainiac pre-teen boy and a stunning, popular, and trendy girl come to the realization, with the help of his friends, that they are not too different after all and that being true to your heart will take you further than you ever imagined possible.
7. Critical Care, directed by Frank Eberling (14 mins): Carol and her daughter, Theresa (mid 20s), are keeping each other company during the graveyard shift at a 24-hour diner near a local hospital, where Carol’s brother-in-law is in the critical care unit. Critical Care explores the complex relationship between two sisters as revealed through this comical mother/daughter two-hander in a dramedy about envy, grieving, and unconditional love.