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The 2015 Voices of Local Film short film directors (and one of the stars)

The 2015 Voices of Local Film short film directors (and one of the stars)

The 2015 Voices of Local Film was a huge success! We had two nights this year, with the Student Showcase of Films (which we present with the Palm Beach County Film and Television Commission), Voices shorts (Good Health Hunting, Mama Needs A Ride, and the RoboCop Swede), and the feature Pembroke Circle on Sunday March 29, then West Palm Beach-filmed and -set Marriage Material (also a feature) screening Tuesday night March 31. Awesome local films and student films!

Director and winner Matt Florio with Palm Beach Film Society VP Elizabeth Dashiell

Director and winner Matt Florio with Palm Beach Film Society VP Elizabeth Dashiell

The winner of Voices of Local Film this year was Mama Needs A Ride, from director Matt Florio!

I’d like to thank Randi, Larry, and everyone at the Palm Beach International Film Festival, including the volunteers, for all their help!

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PB film society voices of film 2015

The new poster, designed by Jossette Simo-Kieldgaard

We are pleased to announce the films that will be screening at the 2015 Voices of Local Films at the Palm Beach International Film Festival. There will be two screenings that take place in March, and the schedule is below the film list. You can buy ticket packages here.

The films, in no particular order:

Mama Needs A Ride; 19:14 minutes; dir.: Matt Florio; comedy; starring Steve DiGennaro, Matthew O’Connor, Jane Brown, & Mike Marino. Franky and Elmo are the Don’s go-to guys. So it is only fitting that he would trust them with a very important job: pick up his mother and take her out to run errands. Unfortunately for them, she is not nearly as nice as the Don says she is.

RoboCop Swede; 14:29 minutes; dir.: Jason Galotti; Sweded movie; starring: Jason Galotti, Tracy R. Johnson. A swede of the 1987 classic, RoboCop.

Student Showcase of Films (continuing our partnership of screenings with the Palm Beach Film and Television Commission, which began in 2014)

Good Health Hunting; 22:05 minutes; dir.: Brian Connors, documentary.

Pembroke Circle; 1:19:27 (feature); dir.: Max Rousseau; starring: Sarah Sculco, Kenny Babel, Laura Mejia, Aaron Villanueva, Michael Berthold. Since her mother passed away, Grace has become a surrogate parent in the house, taking care of her younger brother, Matthew and tending to her father, Leigh. When Leigh hires a foreign maid, Mariela, Grace’s life is thrown off balance.

UPDATED with the schedule, which will include the second year the Palm Beach Film and Television Commission team up for the screening of the Student Showcase of Films:

Sunday March 29th 4:15 PM – Student Showcase of Films (1:14)

Sunday March 29th 6:00 PM – Voices of Local Film shorts program: Good Health Hunting, Mama Needs a Ride, RoboCop Swede (56:00)

Sunday March 29th 7:30 PM – Voices of Local Film feature: Pembroke Circle (1:19)

Tuesday March 31st 8:30 PM – Voices of Local Film feature: Marriage Material (1:31)

Updated: Submissions have closed the 2015 Voices of Local Film at the Palm Beach International Film Festival! Films will be announced soon!

Early deadline is January 10, 2015, and final (late) deadline is January 31, 2015! We’re looking for local, South Florida, and Treasure Coast filmmakers and their short films, documentaries, and music videos!

It’s the 20th annual PBIFF!

Click here to download the 2015 submission form!

Heath McKnight, Jason Galotti, Nicole Rankin, Juan Diaz, Tashi Dhondup

Voices of Local Film 2014 Winners: 

Best Director – Jason Galotti, They Live. sweded
Best Film – Butter & Cheese, Tashi Dhondup, director
This marked the first year the Palm Beach Film Society teamed up with the Palm Beach County Film and Television Commission to present the 2014 Voices of Local Film and Student Showcase of Films. We had an excellent line-up of local indie films, and student films from around the state. Voices this year had a great mix of comedies, drama and a documentary, and many of the local filmmakers spoke with the student filmmakers, discussing their films and production techniques. I look forward to many more years of working with the Film Commission and Student Showcase of Films (click here)!

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Update! Our poster, by Jossette Simo, is now available for purchase at the Palm Beach Film Society store!

The 2014 Voices of Local Film line-up has been released, and we have a terrific mix of drama, comedy, documentary and a film from a young filmmaker. Also, check below for the time, date, location!

In alphabetical order:

  1. Butter & Cheese; director: Tashi Dhondup; 12:22. A short documentary film about a nomadic family who live in the highlands of Sikkim, India, against the backdrop of the majestic Himalayan mountains. It follows the unique lifestyle of the yak herders the process of making yak dairy products such as butter and cheese.
  2. Destroy All Spiders; director: Juan Diaz; starring: Jamie Normand, Martin Hovsepian; 19:05; comedy. A send-up of classic b-movies, as a hitman teams up with a scream queen to battle alien spiders.
  3. Goodfellas, Sweded; director: Wally Lurz; starring: Cheese & Crackers Improv Group; 3:22. A Swede from Cheese & Crackers that lampoons the classic “How Am I Funny” scene from Goodfellas.
  4. The Happy Hooligan; director: Bruce Feigenbaum; starring: Douglas Rill, David Ausem, Christi Berlane, James Hook and Ian Cooper. An adaption of a short story by Kurt Vonnegut, in the year 2116, Americans live in a Utopian society. There’s only one catch.
  5. Spread My Wings; director: Nicole Rankin; starring: Nicole Rankin; 3:16; drama. A sensitive look at the effects of bullying on a teenager named Faith.
  6. They Live, Sweded; director: Jason Galotti; starring: Doug Hansen, Jason Galotti; 14:20; comedy. A spoof on the classic 80s film about alien invasion and wrestling star Roddy Piper.

Cobb Theatre, Downtown at the Gardens
Sunday April 6, 2014
7 pm

This year, we are teaming up with the Student Showcase of Films, presented by the Palm Beach Film and Television Commission, and there will be great films from local filmmakers, and up-and-coming directors.

Please spread the word! Tickets can be bought here. And we encourage you to go to other Palm Beach International Film Festival events and films.